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Fee-Only Advisor

Briggs Wealth Management, Inc. is a fee-only advisory firm.  We do not receive compensation from the sale of any financial product.  We are only compensated directly by our clients for our advisory services based on assets under management. 

Investment Management

Our objective is to help our clients achieve consistent and reliable returns over time while managing risk and tax consequences.  We attempt to achieve this by managing risk before managing return.  Our firm believes that investors should only take as much risk as necessary to achieve their financial goals.  We offer our clients investment management services on a discretionary or non-discretionary (prior approval for trades) basis.

As an independent advisory firm, we can offer our clients a variety of investment choices that are not available to the general public.  These include:

  • Institutional Class mutual funds with lower expense ratios.
  • Load-waived mutual funds which are offered without any sales charges.
  • DFA (Dimensional Funds) mutual funds.  These mutual funds are available only to selected institutional fee-only advisors.  DFA funds are exclusive asset class funds that use Nobel prize-winning strategies.

Comprehensive Wealth Management

As your wealth manager, we are responsible for all aspects of your financial well-being.  The depth and breadth of client relationships are what distinguishes our services from other planners.  The more we understand about your goals, objectives, and priorities, the more we can assist.  We believe a comprehensive financial plan is the only way to ensure that all aspects of your financial life are working together to achieve your dreams.  Our comprehensive wealth management services encompass the following:

Retirement Planning: When will you be able to retire?  Do you understand the implications of early retirement?  When should you start receiving social security?

Tax Planning: Have you used all reasonable means to reduce your taxes?  Have you considered shifting your tax burden to family in lower tax brackets?  Is your portfolio tax efficient?

 Investment Planning:  Is your asset allocation appropriate for your unique situation?  Should your asset allocation change over time?

 Estate Planning:  Do your estate documents match your wealth transfer wishes?  Are your assets titled correctly?  Are your beneficiaries up-to-date? 

 Cash Flow Planning:  Do you really understand how your money is being spent?  Is your income being utilized in the best manner (pay down debt, fund education, maximize retirement plans)?

 Insurance Planning:  Do you have adequate life insurance?  Do you need long-term care insurance?  How will you pay your bills if you are unable to work?  Are your assets adequately protected?    

 Education Planning:  Have you chosen the best funding vehicle?  Are you saving enough?

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